we are fu:di

Makers of ridiculously tasty, feel-good food; crafted by chefs, backed by science.

We believe eating healthily and eating well can be one and the same. Whether you’re living with diabetes, starting a ketogenic diet, reducing your sugar intake or just looking for a banging new ketchup for your burgers, we’re here for you.

We hack everyday recipes, replacing sugar with plant-based sweetener, swapping seed oils with healthier alternatives and reducing carbs – so you can go with and not without.

food first

Food comes first because it has to. Food is never just fuel. It’s a sensational combination of flavours and textures. It’s memories, moments, places we’ve been and where we want to go again and again.

Our recipes come from our founder Tom's years of professional chef-ing. From family, from friends. From our lives and those who we've met on this journey. Created, tweaked and dabbled with to get them just right.

science backed

Simply put, if we want to change lives, our approach better be life-changing. For this, we turn to science.

In an industry built on loose interpretations and fluctuating facts, we offer total clarity. We are, and always will be, a facilitator of metabolic health. We’re not afraid to get geeky. In fact, it’s our superpower. We pour over the details, painstakingly pick our ingredients and make sure when we take on a new recipe, we’ve got the scientific proof to back it up.

There’s a reason behind every choice we make. Real transparency means going beyond telling people “What” – we delve into, and are obsessed with, the “why”.

hungry for change

Nutrition should be a right, not a luxury. By using scientific evidence & transparent messaging, we’ll campaign for change - helping shape policy that will have a real impact on people’s lives.

our purpose

The world is facing a metabolic health crisis. Obesity is set to double in the next decade. Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and heart diseases are on the rise. Mental health issues are increasingly common. The food we eat (often packed full of carbs and sugar) is largely to blame.

Fortunately, the solution is clear. Keeping your carb intake down, whilst cutting out sugar and seed oils has been scientifically proven to improve your all-round metabolic health. That’s where we come in.

We have one simple ambition - improve the metabolic health of the world. Our founders - Tom & Ben – realised that with years of experience & knowledge in their respective fields, they had the ingredients to build a brand that could make a real difference. We’ve brought science and food together to create a range of delicious, healthy products, enabling you to enjoy the complete “foodie experience”.

A ketchup that you can dip, dollop or dunk ‘til your heart’s content - that nostalgic H***z experience, without the hidden sugar. Mayos that are full of flavour, not seed oils. Salad dressings that will take you straight back to your favourite French bistro, Greek taverna or Dorset picnic. No compromise just joy. We want to kickstart a new generation of health, shining a light on the hidden sugar in everyday foods and offering clean alternatives that hero flavour, flavour, flavour.

Meet the founders


I’ve always worked with and around food - I bloody love it!

I used to think I knew about health – I ate mostly homemade food and enjoyed a good run around the park. Life was ticking along nicely until I fell off the health wagon. All of a sudden, I found myself morbidly overweight (130kg!!), with aches and pains all over my body. The real wake up call was being diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the age of 39. The thought of going on medicine for the rest of my life, not to mention the other consequences of managing diabetes / risk of further health complications, was the final straw...


Meet the founders


I’m a former academic and for many years I wrote research papers and taught courses in mathematics and statistics at Imperial College London. “How on earth did you end up founding a food company?” I hear you wondering… well, it turns out that the simple question of “what should we eat?” can partly be answered using mathematics - analysing data and looking for patterns can be a very powerful approach. However, it’s not easy with all the noise…